Headlines in the Sun

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Just as you start playing Coast for everyone you know, they fumble the ball short of the goal line on "Headlines in the Sun." To be fair, it's OK, with a fairly catchy chorus. But the style finds them falling into the bog of too much long passé Brit-pop: They borrow a chorus better done by Blondie or the plethora of power popsters decades ago. It feels more like cheap throwaway bubblegum, Coast just coasting, where a moment ago they were soaring! The B-sides are both more interesting, but also slip from their former high place. To be fair, the production is still potent, and the band is neither dull or non-energized. But do they have the songwriting, the ideas to blow listeners away consistently, or is inspiration in short supply? More data (like an LP!) are needed before one can say, in the immortal words of Don MacLean, we "caught the last train to the coast, the day the music died."