Haunted Town


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Haunted Town Review

by Andy Kellman

The Effigies' first release is their most viciously precise and excellent, a thought echoed by the individual responsible for Remains Nonviewable's track selection. All five tracks were included on the compilation; it's not hard to understand why after the first listen. No trace of formative nature is apparent, instantly sounding like a band who knew exactly what they wanted and how to do it. For a U.S. band with hardcore punk roots, the subject matter is strikingly mature and astute. "Below the Drop" concerns individualist thought with the same intelligence level of Crass, minus the humor; "Mob Clash" steps back from the scene and criticizes both ends; and "We'll Be Here Tomorrow" proved to be no mere pose. Instrumentally, the band is as expertly skilled as Ruts: exacting, sharp, and gutsy. It takes most bands several records to work the kinks out and hit this level; the Effigies nailed it on their first at-bat. Initially released by Autumn in 1981, Ruthless reissued the EP three years later, adding the chanted, ballistic, rhythmic crunch of "Security."