G.G. Allin

Hated [Video]

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The 1993 documentary of shock rocker G.G. Allin, Hated, may be the ultimate gross-out of all-time. The hour-long video features many candid interviews with G.G., his friends, fans, ex-school teachers, and his bandmates (including his bass playing brother, Merle, who sports an Adolf Hitler-like mustache). The documentary traces G.G.'s years growing up -- his abusive father would often threaten to kill the entire family, while G.G. would rebel against conformity as a teen by going to high school dressed in drag. But punk rock gave G.G. an outlet for his pent-up hostility -- many of his "songs" (which usually consist of three chords and obscenity-filled lyrics/screamed vocals) are featured, such as the sleazy anthem "Bite It You Scum." But the main reason why fans will want to check out the video is its many disturbing scenes -- G.G. beating up fans (both male and female), vomiting up Jack Daniels, ingesting certain bodily secretions, self-mutilating, and other near-incomprehensible acts. The filming of the documentary ended just prior to G.G.'s fatal heroin overdose in the summer of 1993, which includes bonus footage of his wake and burial. Not a video for the faint of heart.