Larry Kucharz

Harmonic Luminosity

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This collection of computer music by Larry Kucharz alternates pieces of rapid, strobelike tones and the more angelic-sounding extended organ chords. "Lunar Bells" (1982) combines the elongated clarion tones with mid-length horns and layers of different organ tones, all walking to their own rhythm cycle. "Celestial Mechanics" has the hesitating feeling of an Aaron Copland string passage. "Radial Velocity" (1983) is aptly titled; the rhythm patterns of organ tones become so rapid they merge into larger pulse waves. "Luminous Precession" is the earliest piece, 1977, on the album. Here horns pitch a pair of notes into the silence, answered by clarinets. They play similar notes, but not in sync. The effect is one of "so near, yet so far." It reminded me of Charles Ives' The Unanswered Question. "Lybrids," from 1992, offers more tonal vibrato to Kucharz's sonic palette. The liner notes do not specify, but Kucharz may have used vocal samples for this piece. His later album Metachoral Visions uses sampled voices exclusively.