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This release contains remixes of one of Here Comes Love's highlights from Michael Mayer and Lawrence. Kompakt adheres to its standard practice of not placing the same track on two separate pieces of vinyl, so all you get is the two reinterpretations. Mayer's mix is decent if nothing to get worked up about, more geared for the club than the decadent flutter of the original. Lawrence, having recently fielded remix work for Barbara Morgenstern, Quarks, and the Mute label's Goldfrapp and Martin Gore (he must be one of Mute leader Daniel Miller's favorites), appears to be on a mission to avoid the bleak scenic routes he typically takes his passengers through. It's elegant and optimistic, though it does retain those low-key melancholy undercurrents. Coming after the all-remix Kompakt 100 compilation, this 12" seems a bit like remix overkill from the label. Neither track improves the original production, but it would still be rash to dismiss them.