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MIMS' return begins with a clichéd opener, the "I ain't in the same place" track, which in itself begins with the clichéd sound of a needle dropping. Like everything on the album, the opening title track does have its heart in the right place, and MIMS' obvious desire to become more than a ringtone rapper is admirable, but the highlights are still empty-headed club tracks, the best of the bunch being the hyphy-esque "Move (If You Wanna)." Problem is, there just aren't as many this time out, and sometimes what looks like fun, say, a track called "Love Rollercoaster," ends up a shallow rap-ballad that doesn't sample its funky namesake but does steal the tune's metaphor. Maybe the track is designed for kids who don't know any better, which would also explain why MIMS' spiritual return to Jamaica, "One Day" with Ky-Mani Marley, addresses the island's strife with the inadequate, and maybe even awful, "We will come together/All it takes is two." At least MIMS' Kanye West-esque rap-talk style has matured and is now easier on the ears, plus the two embarrassing leaked singles -- "Donkey Booty" and the even worse "BaRock Star" -- missed the final cut. While Guilt may be a bad title for a pop-rap album so slick and shallow, the completely ludicrous I Am Hip Hop's Savior was the original plan, suggesting that this project was misguided since early development.

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