Gray Area (51)

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Bordering on the uneventful, but rarely eliciting utter boredom, Ozy's debut is an album that seems destined to be buried in a record collection. As Hugh Jazz and Early Groovers, Örnólfur Thorlacius had flirted with jungle and breakbeat. With Ozy's Gray Area (51), multi-percussion accessory techno is the focus, a soothing but not slowly paced trip through ancient beats (the aboriginal flavor of "Alltaf Eins"), modern effects (the battlefield hard house of "Womanizer"), and the deliberate use of wobbling jazz misdirection. Despite the variety of textures, the album is surprisingly easygoing, calm even, which made it easy to put on and ignore and hard to dig out for friends or situations other than long nights of indecisive insomnia. Probably not what Thorlacius intended.