Ludwig Güttler

Gottfried Homilius: Erwachet, ihr Christen

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Gottfried Homilius: Erwachet, ihr Christen Review

by Uncle Dave Lewis

Carus Verlag's Gottfried August Homilius: Erwachet, ihr Christen was recorded in the Frauenkirche Dresden in March 2009 and features an ad hoc ensemble -- actually several ensembles --performing chorale-based compositions of Homilius, ranging from full cantata settings to short chorale preludes for solo instrument and organ, and in several cases the soloist is legendary trumpeter Ludwig Güttler, who also seems to be in charge of this whole deal. In the midst of the program is a solo sonata for oboe, played by Andreas Lorenz, and each chorale prelude is preceded by the original chorale melody from which the prelude is taken. Despite its wide variety of offerings, it isn't a very interesting album; it's reasonably well played apart from a slightly distracted sounding string section in the cantata Fahre hin, du Lust der Welt. However, Homilius' music is as a plain as the day is long, and this selection of sacred music shows him hard at work, creating music suitable for the church in an only occasionally inspired, workmanlike 18th century milieu. Homilius is a major concern for the Carus Verlag publishing house, and naturally it makes sense to record their editions rather than have them mangled in performances by others made out of their control. However, the star of this show is neither Güttler nor Homilius, but the generous reverb of the Frauenkirche as it supplies the disc with its most interesting moments, particularly when a solo instrument or singer is heard. Otherwise, Carus Verlag's Gottfried August Homilius: Erwachet, ihr Christen is often pleasant, but mostly rather boring.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Ludwig Güttler 00:42 Amazon
2 Ludwig Güttler 02:49 Amazon
3 Ludwig Güttler 00:46 Amazon
4 Ludwig Güttler 03:39 Amazon
5 Ludwig Güttler 01:07 Amazon
6 Ludwig Güttler 03:21 Amazon
7 Ludwig Güttler 00:47 Amazon
8 Ludwig Güttler 01:59 Amazon
Kantate: Fahre hin, du lust der Welt HoWV II.172
9 Ludwig Güttler 05:12 Amazon
10 Ludwig Güttler 00:51 Amazon
11 Ludwig Güttler 07:00 Amazon
12 Ludwig Güttler 00:56 Amazon
13 Ludwig Güttler 03:03 Amazon
14 Ludwig Güttler 00:45 Amazon
15 Ludwig Güttler 02:20 Amazon
16 Ludwig Güttler 00:45 Amazon
17 Ludwig Güttler 02:56 Amazon
18 Ludwig Güttler 00:32 Amazon
19 Ludwig Güttler 02:00 Amazon
Sonate füe Oboe und Basso continuo HoWV XI.1
20 Ludwig Güttler 01:44 Amazon
21 Ludwig Güttler 02:28 Amazon
22 Ludwig Güttler 01:02 Amazon
23 Ludwig Güttler 01:14 Amazon
24 Ludwig Güttler 00:56 Amazon
25 Ludwig Güttler 03:19 Amazon
26 Ludwig Güttler 01:04 Amazon
27 Ludwig Güttler 03:18 Amazon
28 Ludwig Güttler 00:51 Amazon
29 Ludwig Güttler 02:50 Amazon
30 Ludwig Güttler 00:51 Amazon
31 Ludwig Güttler 02:53 Amazon
Kantate: Erwachet, ihr Christen, HoWV II.57
32 Ludwig Güttler 04:21 Amazon
33 Ludwig Güttler 01:38 Amazon
34 Ludwig Güttler 01:57 Amazon
35 Ludwig Güttler 01:31 Amazon
36 Ludwig Güttler 01:56 Amazon
37 Ludwig Güttler 01:26 Amazon
38 Ludwig Güttler 01:14 Amazon
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