Gold: Greatest Hits

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This DVD release is a retitled and slightly re-edited version of the 1985 video retrospective Yesterday Once More; one assumes that the old title was no longer relevant to most fans, as well as being a bit confusing since, as on the audio compilation of the same name, "Yesterday Once More" was one of the few major songs that wasn't featured on the release. The change also removes it a step from being a memorial to Karen Carpenter, toward being just a celebration of the group. The collection was already out as a DVD in Hong Kong under its original title in a package that included souvenir Carpenters stationery and an onscreen biography of the group in Chinese and optional Chinese and English subtitles. Gold: Greatest Hits is a lot simpler in its menu selections, but is otherwise largely identical to the old laserdisc and videocassette release (of which the latter remains in print under the old title). All of the usual improvements between formats do apply, however -- resolution so high that every little flaw in the filmed account of "Hurting Each Other" is visible and generally excellent sound. Additionally, this is a major jump up from the laserdisc, which barely appeared in a version with digital audio playback before it vanished, around 1990 or so. The 20-dollar list price is also a lot more reasonable than either the laserdisc or the Hong Kong edition.