Waxing Pathetic

God of France [ep]

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This album takes off like a bullet from the first track, "Jail" with it's tight bassline, solid drumming, and some well placed lead guitar riffs.The strong lyrical content may stop some radio stations from playing this track on air, but they can play the re-mix version from track 9 that is "cleaned up". Unfortunately Waxing Pathetic thought that the song needed to be "cleaned up", the song does lose a lot of it's intensity and color without the colorful explicit lyrics.

The tune, "Sometimes," may leave you wondering if it was overdubbed, but the band has made it known that this is not the case.They say that the live version of this song is as intense as the recorded version.

"Apathy," track four of the album, has the heavy sound of Black Sabbath blended with the Pop/Rock nuances of the Steve Miller Band. This makes for a grand performance with a very danceable beat.

Waxing Pathetic has put out a high energy release, with pleasant vocals and tight instrumentation.If this album doesn't get you out of your seat, and on your feet, you had better check your pulse.

With nine tracks this is a long EP, as well as being a fine example of early alternative music.Waxing Pathetic has what it takes to get noticed, and has brought us songs that are destined to be classic rock tunes.