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Globall Review

by David Jeffries

Avoiding the sophomore slump as if they'd never heard of the cliche, the tribal guarachero DJ collective 3BallMTY keep the good times going on Globall, an album that should draw nothing but minor complaints. One could be that there's no supernova single as big as "Intentalo," while another could be that the first album flowed a bit better overall, but otherwise, this club-worthy effort stutters with the infectious guarachero beat and offers up hooks that inject swagger and sass into even the most buttoned-up listeners. Boss of the bunch has to be "Quiero Bailar," where vocalist Becky G high-kicks the party into overdrive in the welcoming, flashy style of Pitbull, but "De Las 12 a Las 12" is nearly as worthy, looping and spinning with a solid house music beat. Wonderful and odd things happen as well, like when the electro-poppers Far East Movement join for "Rock the Movement" and turn into convincing F-bomb-dropping rappers on a Death Row scale. The Cowboy Troy number "Vaquero Electro" is wonderfully ridiculous as expected, and yet the DJ crew's production is a complicated game of ping-pong where sounds ricochet across the speakers; then there's a tower of disco that's built during the break of "El Shake," a glorious shower of glitz dropped amongst plenty of dusty floor electro-Mexicano. Tack the "Vive Hoy" single on the end and Globall is a glorious return.

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