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Global Underground: Transmission 00:1

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After somewhere around two dozen double-disc CD releases -- each featuring a dizzying array of glorious photos in the CD booklet showcasing the international clubbing scene in all its decadent, nocturnal glory -- the Global Underground camp finally delved into the DVD market, synthesizing the audio and visual aspects of their CDs. Furthermore, James Todd and Andy Horsfield, the guys who oversee the Global Underground brand, have also delved into narrative, another aspect represented in their CD releases, where they would have Dom Phillips write about the jet-set clubbing lifestyle. This DVD offers all of this: lots of intense music, lots of glamorous images, and lots of celebrity narrative. You get a fireside-style chat with the elusive Sasha in Ibiza; you get to join Dave Seaman in Buenos Aires, Darren Emerson in his studio, Anthony Pappa in Hungary, and also Todd and Horsfield chillin' out with some bubbly in their as-you-would-expect glossy superstar hotel. This is really an amusing DVD, whether this is the life you live or not. If this is your life, which is, of course, doubtful, you'll marvel at how pretentious it all seems from a distance. If you don't live the jet set, La Dolce Vita-meets-Monica Vitti-in-Ibiza lifestyle, you'll no doubt watch this and fantasize about what it must be like to chill out with Sasha in Ibiza. This is a guilty pleasure, no doubt. You want to party like this but can't afford to -- in more ways than one. And that's why it's so fun, so decadent, so unnecessarily glamorous for the sake of being extravagant, and, above all, so Euro.