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Those of you who are familiar with Sam Broussard's work with T-Mamou, Michael Martin Murphey, or the work he has done on the two excellent Medicine Show discs won't really recognize him here. This is an incarnation of Broussard that has been hidden to all but a few friends -- Broussard as the folk singer/songwriter. This is him unaccompanied, except for Michael Rhodes playing bass on one cut, David Greely playing fiddle on one, and by the Malian Grain Threshers (not identified further). This is not a very cheery look at the world, however it is very stark and right on the money. It shows a perspective that reflects the feelings of many in this day and age. One where we expect our politicians to lie, cheat, and steal. It is the honest one who follows up on his promises that is the anomaly specially noted. The disc may take some growing. What initially may impress and compel the listener to continue listening is the music. It often runs contrary to the bleak reality expressed by the thoughts in the song. Broussard's guitar playing has impressed many in the past and it continues to do so here. For instance, listen to the acoustic guitar work at the introduction to "I Don't Care Where You Bury Me," here the music reflects the grim tone of the song. As he is the cause for "all noises" on this disc, except for those previously noted, he is accomplished at coaxing the instruments into producing the required sounds, matching the music to the mood he is trying to set. This is definitely not a peace and love disc, as it is a hard look at the world we live in today, but this is an excellent songwriter that knows how to get his point across in clear and concise way. This is a disc that deserves a couple of good, hard listens.

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