Gamelan Gong Gede

Gamelan Gong Gede of Batur Temple

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A collection of three songs on the ultra-expansive King Records ethnic lineup. The form of gamelan being played here is the gong gede form, somewhat more rare since the popularity of gong kebyar caused many old gong gede sets to be recast as the newer form of gong. The style of playing is the more complex lelambatan form, given largely to background accompaniment for rituals. As such, there is something of a larger influence of the drums in the performance as compared to the nearly percussionless gong kebyar (at times). The drums are perhaps the prime movers in this performance, as they drive the music forward through a throbbing pulse in the foreground. For a great look into the tradition of gamelan that hasn't been embraced by Western markets to the same degree as standard fare, this is the album to listen to. The pungechetto movements are in and of themselves worth the price of admission here. As an intrepid newcomer to gamelan, this wouldn't be a bad place to start at all, although the gong kebyar form might be a more standard entry point.

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