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Dragonette devote themselves to everything fabulous on their aptly named debut album, Galore. The band's ultra-stylish pop borrows from glam, disco, synth pop, and new wave, sounding a bit like the Scissor Sisters if Ana Matronic sang lead all the time. They've also been described as the Killers fronted by Gwen Stefani, which certainly nails the sound of singles like "Take It Like a Man" and "I Get Around," where Martina Sorbara purrs mischievous lines like "I say yes when I oughta say no" in front of sassy synths and spike-heeled guitars. While Dragonette have an undeniable way with melodies (the perfectly poised melancholy of "Another Day" seems instantly familiar but hard to place) and lyrics ("Competition" sums up gossip and cheating with the couplet "Keepin' it hush-hush/Tryin' not to blush-blush"), for much of Galore the band isn't as distinctive as its influences, and many of the album's songs are so polished and streamlined that there's little chance for Dragonette's personality to shine through. However, their more adventurous side surfaces on the album's second half: "Jesus Doesn't Love Me" backs up its attitude with punchy guitars and soulful backing vocals, while "Black Limousine"'s world-weary spoken vocals and sparkling keyboards make it a standout. By the time "Marvellous" closes the album with a Bollywood dancefloor workout, it feels like Dragonette are on their way to getting the bold, ever so slightly weird sound they'll need to really stand out from the pop crowd.

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