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Given Vinyl Communications' well-earned reputation as a home for the truly experimental, ranging from the insanely entertaining Melba and Longmont Potion Castle crank call series to work by Kid 606 and the Electric Company, it makes sense that it would release anything by Disc in the first place. Whoever he, she or they are, Disc lives up to its name, using and abusing CDs and CD players to create music out of the millisecond skips and tweaks. From the creepily minimal sound of the songs on Gaijin, source discs are played like hip-hop DJs play vinyl, with an intent to create something out of preexisting material. Rather than focusing on rhythm via beats, though, Disc instead cause the unnerving feeling one's CD player is on the blink while at the same time spitting out bits of noise in a constantly varying collage. Bursts of sound are punctuated by silence, overlaid, rapidly ended, processed, flanged and more, ultimately sounding even more screwed up than even many of the vaunted noisemakers on Digital Hardcore could be. Even so, one gets a sense on Gaijin that things are by no means random conventional melody isn't around, and yet a sense of build, rhythm, and release as in any good techno DJ set is here, even to the point of creating some truly exultant moments. "Parse It and Shred It" could be a Pan Sonic track self-destructing in a very calm way, at least initially, while the wittily titled "Our Machines Have Souls Like Pandas" works through a long ebb and flow throughout its course. One of the true surprises is a version of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart." The original track is taken and appropriately tweaked and played with, with fascinating, enjoyable results.

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