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Future Reconstructions

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Hawkwind's influence upon the electronic scene of the 1990s has never been in question, with a variety of acts lending both their voice and the musical abilities to sundry spin-off and side projects. The remixer's art, in particular, has brought Hawkwind to entire new audiences, with the 1993-1994 Spirit of the Age and Quark Strangeness and Charm EPs proving serious hits on the chill-out circuit.

Future Reconstructions takes that process to its ultimate extent, as no less than nine scions of the electro world gather to phrase their own versions of sundry Hawkwind classics, with the presence of Astralasia, Utah Saints, and Sensor's Haggis ensuring a weightiness that, sad to say, so many well-meaning tributes fail to pack -- how seriously, after all, can you take a tribute album, when you've never even heard of the people paying tribute? That said, there is little here that immediately brings Hawkwind's own rush of sound to mind. Even where the songs themselves are recognizable, the rearrangements are sufficiently profound to all -- but qualify as fresh compositions. Similarly, a certain open-mindedness is necessary to genuinely appreciate hearing so many Hawkwind favorites reduced to their composite bleeps and whispers. Perhaps the most damning aspect of Future Reconstructions, however, is the knowledge that, no matter how enjoyable it was at the time, it now sounds mercilessly old-fashioned and dated -- while the original songs that inspired it, which are decades old, still sound as visionary as a day trip to Saturn.