Funky Monkey Babys

Funky Monkey Babys, Vol. 3

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Continuing their push into the Japanese consciousness (and their push to continue putting MC Monn-Kichi on the cover with a goofy intent), the Funky Monkey Babys' third full-length album continues many of the trends put in place with their first two. It's hip-hop with a lighter edge, bouncing with a simplistic R&B beat and doubled vocal melodies. These are some of the most popular sounds in Japan, also mirrored by ├╝ber-popular groups like GReeeeN and Kimaguren to varying degrees. It's basic feel-good music at its simplest. The MCs never get menacing with their deliveries, the music stays in major chords, the tempos stay relatively high. Even for fans, there may not be anything in particular to recommend the third album over the previous ones from the trio, as the style and execution are nearly identical. Music that's just as much at home in a dance club as it is in a tween's iPod.