Fugazi Live Series, Vol. 9: 9-4-93 Pontiac, Michigan, Plaza Amphitheater

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There are two types of fans at Fugazi shows: The first is the Fugazi supporter, the nerdier punk who finds the aesthetic and motivation of the band to be gospel, and is willing to take all the strange left turns the band makes without batting an eye. Basically, a fan of Fugazi who understands what it is Fugazi is trying to do. The second kind of fan is the abusive, attitude-laden punk who still hopes to hear a Minor Threat song, and loves to taunt both Ian MacKaye and other members of the audience. You never hear much about the first type of fan, but -- as so perfectly captured here on this volume of the Fugazi Live Series -- you always hear a lot about the second. And on Vol. 9 of this series, the listener gains a proper understanding of what the "attitude faction" does, and how it derails a Fugazi set (if only for a few moments.) Which is a shame, admittedly, because the show on Vol. 9 (the actual show, not the sideshow of a few jerks trying to get some repressed emotions out) is one of their best. Recorded during the band's In on the Kill Taker tour, the set list includes some of their most scorching tunes, including a blazing version of "Great Cop," as well as some of their better atmospheric work (the instrumental "Sweet and Low" is a perfect example, and a great closer). Sure, there are some funny moments with Ian and the punk idiots, but that's not the point of the recording. Vol. 9 is an example of Fugazi in unbeatable form, Brendan Canty doesn't miss; Joe Lally is as solid as a rock; Guy Picciotto is frenetic and intense, MacKaye, well, is MacKaye. Easily one of the best of the series.