Waldon Reed Jr.

From Today Until Dark

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For well-executed jazz fusion guitar that swings regularly into instrumental rock environs with ease and finesse, Waldon Reed Jr. is a recommended listen. This is his second release. Imagine if Tommy Bolin and Joe Satriani decided to do some Holdsworth-ian legato runs and got hooked on the feel of fusion in much of their riffs. The best cut is "Blues Emporium, Pt. 2," where Reed lets it all come out, all his best moves and liquid crunch. Reed is skilled in his voicings, tone, and attack on each note. He creates a certain suspense and holds interest in his soloing. A relaxed waltz in Reed's riffage is evident on most songs. He avoids flash and empty technique to emphasize soul and thus bring out the melodic elements of songs rather than look-at-me showiness. For some great axe crunch in that Marc Bonilla or Jaye Foucher mood, do sample his "From the East" cut. Many of Reed's compositions reflect a blue-to-mellow mood and exude a certain somberness associated with deep contemplation -- and some relaxing and even lilting flute is featured in one track. "Suggestions" features a McLaughlin-esque acoustic intro that breaks into a Dregs-ian crunch and a Morse saunter with a Montrose mean solo. Another song worthy of mention is "Almost Rock," with a great bass solo by Paul Laginess. Reed, of course, wails on his axe quite deftly, with fusiony rock ease.