Corporate Avenger

Freedom Is a State of Mind

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Every so often, a band comes along that warrants extensive exploration of its lyrics. And Corporate Avenger and its album Freedom Is a State of Mind is such a case. This rap-rock outfit is smart, progressive, and supremely radical, and is bound to upset, enrage, enlighten, and inspire audiences with its unique brand of anti-organized religion/government rap-rock. Corporate Avenger takes Christians to task for their enslavement of Native Americans on the rebellious and guitar-crunchy "Christians Murdered Indians." The invigorated song is an assault of rap, rock, and industrial with a touch of goth. The creeping rap-industrialized "The Bible Is Bullshit," with its church-choir intro, presents a view that's been around for some time: that the Bible is a subjective piece of work written by man that fosters fear, hate, and war. "It's time for you to love one another/It's time for you to recognize your brother/It's time to stop killing our mother/It's time for us to care for each other," lead singers Corporate and Avenger Adawee the Wind bellow. Another controversial, but very choice, cut is the intense "20 Bill," which is sure to trigger heated opposition. The band takes aim at Andrew Jackson's role in the massacre of Cherokee tribes, and draws the following comparison, "If Hitler was on the $20 bill/how would the Jews feel?/Trail of tears...." The best song, and most over the top of the bunch, however, is the slamming "Jesus Christ Homosexual." "He made us in his own image/Now listen to what I say/Then it's a possibility that Jesus Christ was gay." This song departs from the band's rap-rock style and thrusts forward in pure, frenetic, and in-your-face rock fashion. Lead singers Corporate and Avenger Adawee the Wind have undeniable presence and command; they are the perfect vehicles to deliver the Corporate Avenger's messages. People will hear them. While bands have challenged society since the beginning of music, Corporate Avenger has a unique ability to well articulate and put into written words lyrics that truly compel, rouse, and get under the skin. They're not just yelling, "Government sucks," for instance, they're telling you exactly why they think it does using words that pack a one-two punch. The smart lyricism and raw music with a militant edge make Freedom Is a State of Mind a recording that cannot be denied. Whether you agree with the band's messages is not the point -- but audiences will react, think, something.

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