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While the mildly inconsistent quality during the 2005 onslaught of full-lengths from the Kompakt family may have left a bitter taste in some loyalists' mouths, Ferenc redeems the imprint and delivers a simple, no-frills, concept-free ten-session offering. The majority of these tunes are four-on-the-floor drivers that, when listened to as a cohesive unit, tend to tow the fine line between being a bit homogenous and skillfully consistent. Thankfully the line tips toward consistent more times than not, and when inspecting each track independent of one another, they find Ferenc delivering a fresh and unique full-length. Fraximal starts off slow with the token schaffel ditty "Diplodocus," but is nowhere near as hard-driving and confrontational as his contemporaries' interpretation of the style. On the contrary, if you strip away the rhythms, the lush chord pads would find a home on any edition of Kompakt's Pop Ambient series. The Mr. Fingers-sounding bassline on "Sandia" is an interesting contrast with the lush synth string arrangements, and the über-stylish "Vinagreta" could easily match Luomo on his best day in the studio, punch for trendy punch. Not as dramatic as Justus Köhncke or Axsel Schaufler, and definitely not as trend-happy as Michael Mayer, Ferenc may have quietly released one of the best full-lengths from Kompakt in 2005.

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