Francesco Geminiani, Tomasso Giordani: Sonate per chitarra e basso continuo

Giampaolo Bandini

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Francesco Geminiani, Tomasso Giordani: Sonate per chitarra e basso continuo Review

by James Manheim

This release from Italy's Tactus label is perhaps even more specialized than the common run of Tactus releases, covering an 18th century instrument called the English guitar that had only a tiny repertoire, a good part of which is recorded here. The English guitar had 10 strings in six courses, tuned in an open C major. The only major (or at least moderately major) composer who wrote for it was Francesco Geminiani, who, like Paganini, was known as a guitarist as well as for his violin skills. His sonatas consist of from two to five movements, most of them little more than a minute in length and devoted to the solution of some technical problem. You hear a lot of C major, and the minimal contrast between the guitar and the harpsichord continuo also contributes to the lack of differentiation; one wonders whether a different kind of continuo group might have been used. The two-movement Classical-era sonatas of the little-known Tommaso Giordani ought to stir up the attention of guitar enthusiasts; however, what has by now become a Classical accompanimental group has a mostly rhythmic function, and the long slow movements effectively blend sparkling guitar runs into a larger structure. The relaxed fluency of guitarist Giampaolo Bandini is another plus throughout, and sound is above average for Tactus releases. Recommended for serious guitar fans.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Sonata in do maggiore
1 Giampaolo Bandini 01:22 Amazon
2 Giampaolo Bandini 01:29 Amazon
3 Giampaolo Bandini 01:03 Amazon
Sonata in do minore
4 Giampaolo Bandini 01:25 Amazon
5 Giampaolo Bandini 00:45 Amazon
6 Giampaolo Bandini 01:19 Amazon
7 Giampaolo Bandini 01:43 Amazon
8 Giampaolo Bandini 01:45 Amazon
Sonata in re maggiore
9 Giampaolo Bandini 02:04 Amazon
10 Giampaolo Bandini 00:51 Amazon
11 Giampaolo Bandini 00:41 Amazon
12 Giampaolo Bandini 01:13 Amazon
13 Giampaolo Bandini 01:19 Amazon
Sonata in re minore
14 Giampaolo Bandini 01:26 Amazon
15 Giampaolo Bandini 02:20 Amazon
Sonata in mi minore
16 Giampaolo Bandini 01:38 Amazon
17 Giampaolo Bandini 01:11 Amazon
Sonata in sol minore
18 Giampaolo Bandini 00:55 Amazon
19 Giampaolo Bandini 01:52 Amazon
Sonata in do minore
20 Giampaolo Bandini 04:28 Amazon
21 Giampaolo Bandini 02:21 Amazon
Sonata in do maggiore
22 Giampaolo Bandini 08:12 Amazon
23 Giampaolo Bandini 03:26 Amazon
Sonata in do minore
24 Giampaolo Bandini 07:05 Amazon
25 Giampaolo Bandini 01:40 Amazon
Sonata in la minore
26 Giampaolo Bandini 04:09 Amazon
27 Giampaolo Bandini 05:18 Amazon
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