Jerry Hunt

Four Video Translations

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A 55-minute 15-second videotape collection of four magical and mystic performances, perhaps shamanic conjuring sessions is more apt: "Birome [zone]: plane (fixture)" in which Jerry, dressed like a "central Texas meat inspector" (Michael Schell), performs arcane shaking moves holding and manipulating surreal devices toward some unknown end. In Talk (slice): duplex two spontaneous talkers are attenuated in their lines of thought by a percussive claves-like sound off camera which appears to be keeping some type of time schedule. At times they seem to be holding a conversation in the normal sense, but for the most part they perform spontaneous free-association solos within proximity of each other. It is actually mildly shocking when they seem to connect. The subjects of their off-the-cuff speech are fascinating. In Bitom (fixture): topogram, Jerry is The Agent and Michael Galbreth is The Patient holding a metal grounding plate, as Hunt works a shamanic sort of healing/examination upon Michael, while blowing a tin whistle and wielding a probe that measures the skin's galvinic response and converts that information to control the intense electronic sound in the background (talk about your alien abductions!). For Transform (stream): core Jerry wears an Elizabethan collar suggesting the time of mystic philosopher John Dee whose work served as a constant inspiration to Hunt. We hear the shaking of rattles and bells and gourds punctuated by poltergeist-like thumps. Hunt seems to be calling up angels (al la Dee) with odd breath sounds, whistling, guttural throat noises etc. which are quiet echoed by some unseen presence. A briliant example of the use of music to express philosophical concerns and to update spiritual ceremonies for a contemporary audience.