Joey Beltram

Form & Control

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Form & Control Review

by John Bush

The title of Joey Beltram's fourth mix album takes on a special meaning after reading the inside statement of purpose: "The continuous mix heard here was recorded straight through and not edited in any way." Of course, it couldn't be any other way for a chance-taker like Beltram, a techno renegade and among the least likely to ever be associated with any Pro Tools-heavy mixes like the ones streaming out of Global Underground's hard drive. Burning through almost two dozen tracks in over an hour, Beltram stays on a course of hard techno, but offers up so much variety and so many change-ups that it sounds positively rangy. Midway through -- and beginning with his own remix of "A Gig in Cannes" by Conga Squad -- he briefly switches over to more of a high-energy disco sound, but ends with a few of his own harder productions and Jeff Mills' "Dynamic."

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Joey Beltram feat: TDR 04:07 Amazon
2 Joey Beltram feat: CZR / Ito 04:40 Amazon
Joey Beltram feat: Peter Presta 02:35 Amazon
Joey Beltram feat: Those 2 04:46 Amazon
5 Joey Beltram feat: Jb3 02:49 Amazon
6 Joey Beltram feat: Olav Basoski 01:39 Amazon
7 Joey Beltram feat: Jimmy Van De Velde VS Sebastian Leger 03:29 Amazon
8 Joey Beltram 02:30 Amazon
Joey Beltram feat: G. Flame 01:43 Amazon
10 Joey Beltram feat: Conga Squad 04:23 Amazon
11 Joey Beltram feat: Jb3 04:58 Amazon
Joey Beltram feat: Filter Science 03:29 Amazon
Joey Beltram feat: Olav Basoski 02:43 Amazon
14 Joey Beltram feat: CZR / Ito 02:57 Amazon
15 Joey Beltram 04:22 Amazon
16 Joey Beltram feat: Antoine Clamaran Presents Univers Pasrt 1 02:29 Amazon
17 Joey Beltram 02:07 Amazon
18 Joey Beltram 03:40 Amazon
19 Joey Beltram feat: Jeff Mills 02:15 Amazon
Joey Beltram feat: Alexander Koning / Andy Slate / TBK 01:26 Amazon
21 Joey Beltram feat: Antoine Clamaran 04:08 Amazon
22 Joey Beltram 02:56 Amazon
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