Greg Morris

For You...

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"To say that this first album by Mission: Impossible television series star Greg Morris is unique is putting it mildly," read Hank Grant's liner notes on the back of For You..., and it's tough to disagree. Coming off like an insanely unhip, Bizarro World version of Ken Nordine, Morris doesn't sing the lyrics of pop classics like "The Nearness of You," "Come Rain or Come Shine"; he just recites them, in a dramatic yet weirdly flat baritone that somehow manages to convey virtually no sentiment or real feeling. Artie Butler's treacly arrangements certainly don't help, but Morris is incontrovertibly one of the worst musical interpreters ever committed to vinyl -- it's telling that all ten of these selections are love songs, because it's easy to imagine Morris in the studio, murmuring seductively into the microphone and convinced he's making the romance record to end all romance records. Instead, it's just the record to end all romance.