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Sebastian Litmanovich, aka the musical wiz behind Cineplexx, has been making interesting records since 1997, sometimes focusing on electronics, sometimes on songcraft, but always releasing intimate and beautiful records that are quite soothing. Before the release of his 2014 album Florianopolis, Litmanovich appears to have been bitten by the disco bug, and it makes for an album that is fun from beginning to end. Kicking off with the sultry midtempo "Bailar," which comes complete with swooning violins and cheesy synth-drum fills, the record bounces from one discofied style to the next with insistent jams like the bubbly "Te Quiero" and "Dando Amor" rubbing up sexily against pounding, post-punky floor-fillers like "Feature Film" and "Let It Go." Though the core of the record comprises these bright and energetic dance tracks, there are plenty of breathers where Litmanovich inserts some of his trademark quiet pop beauty. Songs like the sweetly sunny bossa nova "Rio Amor" and the lovely acoustic ballad "Sonando" give the album some dimension and calm texture, some time off the floor to recover and make a love connection. There are even a couple of tracks that blend the dancefloor inclinations and romantic feel quite well, like "Isla Tropical," the title track, and the very, very lovely "Papelón." Florianopolis is a wonderfully paced, endlessly charming record that presents a bit of a sea change for Litmanovich, but shows him navigating it like a boss. Cineplexx has been flying under the radar for years, and in a perfect world, this would be the album that would bring Litmanovich and his music worldwide acclaim.

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