Edie Sedgwick

First Reflections

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Named after Andy Warhol's famous hanger-on, Edie Sedgwick is a bass and drum duo out of Washington, D.C., that attempts -- as the band once stated -- "to uncover the deeper significances of the motion picture starlet." And while it's debatable how much bassist Justin Moyer and drummer Ryan Hicks actually discover about the silver screen on their debut full-length, First Reflections is sure to grab attention with its 13 celebrity-obsessed titles ("Faye Dunaway," "Tom Cruise," etc.). Unfortunately, the titles are as direct as these minimalist tracks get, as the music is oblique and Moyer's shouted-rambled lyrics are even more so ("Earth cult/sky cult/truth cult/dreaming!" goes "Hilary Swank"). Fans of Dischord and the Minutemen will enjoy Edie Sedgwick, but the duo probably won't win over anyone who isn't already a fan of the D.C. punk scene.