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AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

In the wake of her 2002 blockbuster debut, Norah Jones became an in-demand duet partner, popping up on albums from all manners of musicians. The 2010 compilation, …Featuring, helpfully rounds up 18 of these guest appearances, including a cut by the Jones-fronted country cabaret outfit the Little Willies, and what impresses is the range of collaborators and the consistency of the music. Anybody who called Norah up for a duet was clearly smitten by her way with slow-burning seduction, as they almost without fail cast her in that role for their own recordings, smoothing out rough edges or adding some sultry sophistication. This would seem like a limited specialty, but Featuring proves it’s not. Jones sounds as comfortable trading verses with Willie Nelson and Ray Charles as she does acting as a counterpoint to Q-Tip and Outkast, providing alternating contrasts according to the setting; she freshens the veterans and provides a touch of timeless elegance to her modern rock peers. It may all be variations on a theme, but the sounds and songs change just enough for the music to be quietly absorbing. Better still, when these side shows are grouped together as a main attraction, they manage to sound of a piece. These may be songs that appeared on other artist’s albums, but when presented as a collection, they seem to belong only to Norah Jones.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Norah Jones feat: The Little Willies 03:53 Amazon
2 Norah Jones feat: Foo Fighters 03:51 Amazon
3 Norah Jones feat: Sean Bones 04:05 Amazon
4 Norah Jones feat: Willie Nelson 04:00 Amazon
5 Norah Jones feat: Sasha Dobson 02:58 Amazon
6 Norah Jones feat: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band / Robert Rundolph 03:00 Amazon
7 Norah Jones feat: El Madmo 03:25 Amazon
8 Norah Jones feat: OutKast 02:38 Amazon
9 Norah Jones feat: Q-Tip 04:26 Amazon
10 Norah Jones feat: Talib Kweli 04:04 Amazon
11 Norah Jones feat: Belle and Sebastian 04:25 Amazon
12 Norah Jones feat: Ray Charles 03:57 Amazon
13 Norah Jones 03:22 Amazon
14 Norah Jones feat: Ryan Adams 04:36 Amazon
15 Norah Jones 03:03 Amazon
16 Norah Jones feat: Herbie Hancock 07:36 Amazon
17 Norah Jones feat: Charlie Hunter 04:12 Amazon
18 Norah Jones 03:44 Amazon
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