Fearless/It's Only a Movie


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Fearless/It's Only a Movie Review

by John Dougan

Fearless is an improvement over Anyway, but at this juncture, Family was still floundering. Grech was gone, and the other personnel changes began to limit the band's cohesiveness. Although (again) saved by Chapman and Whitney, the record's eccentricities work against them, and the hard rock moves (i.e., blues/boogie nonsense) sound forced. For a swan song, It's Only a Movie -- also on this two-fer -- is pretty a good one. You would think that Family would simply cough up a final piece of dreck and say so long, but Movie is a relaxed, funny and funky record, almost sunny in disposition. The songs take a while to worm their way in, but once they do, tracks like "No Money Down" and "Boom Bang," with their swagger and sway, end up sounding as good as any of the band's previous work.