Favourite Fallen Idol


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Favourite Fallen Idol Review

by Jack Rabid

Adorable's fifth English single is the third single from Against Perfection (in the U.S., all five U.K. A-sides are on the album), but it's worth pulling off and spotlighting. Easily the wildest, fastest, most out of control song this Coventry group ever attempted -- they're not known for this sort of wild abandon at all -- this ripping, full-throttle smasher is certainly one of their most exciting moments, and the lyrics are cynical and razor-biting sharp even for the wrathful Piotr Fijalkowski: "When I fail I want to fail completely" is a hell of a way to start a song, and it flows from there. To the Fijalkowskis of the world, all idols will let you down eventually (either that or you'll just get older and know better, one presumes), including Fijalkowski if you make him one. As for the two non-LP B-sides, both tracks justify purchase for those who already have the full LP on their shelves. "Cool Front" is mildly melancholic, restrained pop that isn't quiet or lulling, and the instrumental fade-out is among Adorable's best work. "Mirror-Love" is quiet if also not hazy or dreamy, led by Wil's dissonant, basic bass; it's not one of the band's greater compositions, but it's not shabby either.