Anatoly Pereslegin

Fastgod: E-psalms_

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Israeli-Russian electronic music composer Anatoly Pereslegin continues to explore Biblical themes on his second album for the label Electroshock. While Download the God only hinted at the words of prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel through tormented instrumental pieces, Fastgod: E-psalms_ (note once again the juxtaposition of the sacred and modern technology in the title) uses direct quotations from the Book of Psalms. More liturgical in essence, the nine songs use selected passages sung by tenor Ivan Jmaev and baritone Yuriy Valenkov. The melodies are woven into synthesizer tracks, along with occasional cello (by Alexander Zagorinskiy) and treated spoken words. If the inspiration remains similar, the resulting music is quite different from the first CD. It relies less on rhythm and troubled atmospheres. The first songs have a sense of peace in them -- even "Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?..." conveys the serenity of acceptance in its mournful disappointment. "The LORD Pays for Debts of Mine..." stands as a highlight, thanks to its spellbinding melody. "Turn Thee to Me" comes back to the material on Download the God: electronic percussion and a darker atmosphere close to the music of Artemiy Artemiev. At almost 17 minutes, it is too long to sustain interest, especially since a shorter duration works very well for the other tracks. This album of gothic electronic music ("new age" in its original, least pejorative definition) is not for the faint of heart, but it remains an easy listen, especially for those who prefer tonal music.