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Opening with the explosive industrial-tinged "Scrood Bi U," the Lords of Acid return with another set that continues to push boundaries by vividly exploring themes of sexual experimentation and freedom from the monogamous norm. While continuing to deliver their messages with the same tongue-in-cheek attitude that helped put them on the electronica map in the early '90s, they also still have a knack for stretching limits to provoke, excite, and sometimes disturb, much like fellow shock artists Insane Clown Posse. While the Lords' lyrics continue to promote promiscuous sex, marijuana use, and megalomania, the group has ambitiously replaced some of its signature electronics with live instruments. There is still a good amount of programming work evident throughout Farstucker, but it is used primarily to embellish rather than drive the tracks. Also bringing a sense of freshness to the group is Belgian model-turned-singer Deb Ostrega, who was added to the lineup as a replacement for Nikkie Van Lierop (aka Jade 4U). Ostrega had previously sung with the Lords on two tours, but Farstucker marks her studio debut with the group. She fits in well, lending convincing vocals that work nicely to seduce during both slow and fast moments. Praga Khan offers up lead vocals on two tracks, but he sounds awkward and lacks the strength and security he has while controlling his massive bank of synthesizers and samplers. When Ostrega takes the lead, catchy and playful hooks reveal themselves and swirl around impressive production work. Although Farstucker explores some different musical territories with numbers like the jazzy "Take Off," the ode-to-marijuana rave anthem "Lucy's F*ck*ng Sky," and the candy pop of "I Like It" (the latter borrowing liberally from the Trio hit "Da Da Da..."), it shines on tracks like "Slave to Love," "Lover Boy/Lover Girl," and "Rover Take Over," where the Lords showcase a satisfying mix of electronica and hard rock. Updating sounds of their past with more contemporary arrangements, the Lords of Acid achieve a fun and danceable set aimed at those with a good sense of humor and an appreciation for light, catchy music. ["Venus" and "Get Up and Jam" are bonus tracks offered individually on two separate special edition pressings.]

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