Face to Face


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Face to Face Review

by Jack Rabid

Now here's a pleasant surprise. 999's last album, 13th Floor Madness, sounded like the band had been castrated by some evil witch out of a C.S. Lewis novel. Well, maybe that was the case, but the witch's spell has worn off, and 999 have happily returned to the style that produced such enduring rock & roll records (and underground America hits) as "Homicide," "Obsessed," "Emergency," and "Let’s Face It." Perhaps because they are eager to make up for the wrong turn they made, they have infused Face to Face with newfound zeal and energy, resulting in a great change and a sharp record, their best since at least The Biggest Prize in Sport. Get it for "20 Years," "Lucy Dead," and "This Is Just a Lie." And be glad the prodigal punks have returned home.