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Fabriclive.14 Review

by Matt Whalley

DJ Spinbad collects a wide selection of dancefloor fillers. Every track is recognized as a classic and will be familiar to hip-hop fans. The golden age is well represented with each of its major players supplying a track. None of these tracks are rare mixes or hard to come by, but they flow together nicely and make for a good party album. Spinbad doesn't overdo his presence on the album. His scratching doesn't upset the flow and is subtler than you'd expect. The emphasis seems to be on quality of the original tracks and the cohesiveness of the entire album. Spinbad flexes his muscle on Run-D.M.C.'s "Peter Piper" and creates the most memorable track on the album. The fat kick drum with Spinbad's manipulation of classic Run-D.M.C. samples is a no-brainer. It sounds good and solidly reworks some well-worn territory. The album seems to complete the lazy hip-hop collector's party crate. The 45 King's "The 900 Number," Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines," and the Sugarhill Gang's " "Rappers Delight" are all classic 12" singles that may not be as accessible to casual hip-hop fans but are perfectly blended here. They're all in one place, mixed well, and do not have the stiffness of old-school rap compilations. Spinbad brings together tracks that are already well respected but rarely appear all in one place and mixed with such style. The value of DJ Spinbad's Fabriclive. 14 is in its flow and style. With the lavish packaging, it's literally a party in a can.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
DJ Spinbad 00:41
2 DJ Spinbad feat: Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz / Peter Gunz / Lord Tariq 03:07
DJ Spinbad feat: Nas 04:38
4 DJ Spinbad feat: Blahzay Blahzay 02:03 Amazon
DJ Spinbad feat: M.O.P. 02:01
6 DJ Spinbad feat: Braveheart's / QB Finest / Nas 02:02
7 DJ Spinbad feat: Ol' Dirty Bastard 03:45
8 DJ Spinbad feat: Crooklyn Clan 01:41
9 DJ Spinbad feat: Crooklyn Clan 01:55
10 DJ Spinbad feat: Mystikal 01:16
11 DJ Spinbad feat: KRS-One 03:38 Amazon
12 DJ Spinbad feat: BDP Posse 01:51
13 DJ Spinbad feat: Eric B. / Rakim 02:23
14 DJ Spinbad feat: Special Ed 02:39
15 DJ Spinbad feat: Black Sheep 02:50
DJ Spinbad feat: A.G. / Show & A.G. / Showbiz 01:26
17 DJ Spinbad feat: The 45 King & Louie 00:35
18 DJ Spinbad feat: A Tribe Called Quest 03:21
19 DJ Spinbad feat: Run-D.M.C. 02:32 Amazon
20 DJ Spinbad feat: Run-D.M.C. 02:06
21 DJ Spinbad feat: Slick Rick 01:51
22 DJ Spinbad feat: Rob Base / DJ E-Z Rock 04:22 Amazon
23 DJ Spinbad feat: Cheryl Lynn 01:27 Amazon
24 DJ Spinbad feat: The Sugarhill Gang 03:30
25 DJ Spinbad feat: Grandmaster Flash / Melle Mel 01:41
26 DJ Spinbad feat: Pete Rock / C.L. Smooth 01:57
27 DJ Spinbad feat: Chubb Rock 03:59
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