Theo Parrish

Extended Boundaries

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A number of Theo Parrish's self-released CD-R mixes have made the journey outside the normal circuit of Detroit (and Detroit area) record shops, but Extended Boundaries is the first to be authorized by the DJ/producer for release on another label. Originally released in Japan and then spread out through other channels, this disc is allegedly an excerpt from a 2003 set. No track indexing, no track list, raw sound, minimal packaging -- few other DJs could get away with this and not get called out, yet Parrish's mixing skills and unmatched knack for making previously unheard-of connections make up for his refusal to provide the trimmings. The only selections that might come as a surprise to those familiar with Parrish are Anne Clark's "Our Darkness" -- an electro-house anthem that could be a tip of the hat to late Chicago DJ Ron Hardy -- and De La Soul's "Stakes Is High" -- for the simple fact that he rarely drops any hip-hop into his sets. Otherwise, this is the usual (high) standard fare -- difficult-to-identify funk and disco cuts interspersed with underground classics (a re-edit of Loose Joints' "Is It All Over My Face," LTD Exchange's "Waterbed") and modern house (Peven Everett's "I Can't Believe I Loved Her"). Parrish also fits in both sides of his "Natural Aspirations" 12" -- not to be confused with his 2004 album of the same title, under the name Rotating Assembly -- from 2003.