Pussy Galore

Exile on Main Street

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If you can find a copy of this cassette-only release, by all means hold on to it for dear life, because the likelihood if it being re-released officially is slimmer than the chance of a band like Pussy Galore ever coming along again (that not necessarily being a bad thing depending on who you poll). While the group had covered the Jagger/Richards tune "Turd on the Run," the Rolling Stones got the ultimate send-up on Exile on Main Street, a track-for-track retelling of their classic 1972 double album. The cassette-only release was almost drowning in hiss and noise, and several tunes were so deconstructed you couldn't tell what they were, as if the group was making fun of the myth surrounding the Stones' Exile as celebrating the music itself, but truly an adventure in listening.