Shit Browne

Every Single Penny Will Be Reinvested in the Party

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By 2010, post-punk had had its day in the revivalist sun, and bands such as Delphic and Shit Browne were looking to Manchester’s other halcyon moments for inspiration. However, where Delphic borrowed from New Order and acid house with almost slavish reverence, Shit Browne took Madchester’s jangly pop and cheeky dance-rock and served it up with French style and wit. From the sound of Every Single Penny Will Be Reinvested in the Party, the band was raised on a steady diet of the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, and (especially) the Charlatans. And despite the band’s rather pungent name, the album’s title and songs like “She’s a Party” show that Shit Browne has a knack for discovering classic baggy titles that hadn’t been claimed yet. While the band isn’t as epic or thuggish as some of their inspirations were, Every Single Penny has a respectable amount of swagger and grace, especially in its remarkably strong first half. “Sunflowers” and “Betty’s Cake” nail the era’s sweetly classicist guitar pop, “Artifice” and “New Colours” prove the band can bring the rock, and “Electronics” marries naïve synth pop with big guitars and “gin and tonics” that echo Oasis. But even though Shit Browne spends much of Every Single Penny ... channeling Madchester so convincingly that you can practically see their bowl haircuts and anoraks as “Don’t Ask”’s Mondays-like keyboard riffs and bongos unfold, the band branches on the album’s second half with almost as much success. “Chairman Meow”’s dream-pop might be a little too gauzy for its own good, but “Winter Collection”’s shuffling six-minute groove shows Shit Browne has dance music chops, while “Sweetback” is downright pretty and sweet, even with lyrics like “back in your backside.” “Browne and Proud” shows the band is at least self-aware: Over baggy organ riffs, they admit to “copying the Charlatans” and Madchester’s other luminaries, singing “we do what we can, no less, no more.” They don’t need to be so hard on themselves -- Every Single Penny Will Be Reinvested in the Party delivers no less than a lot of fun.

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