Eve of the War

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Recorded to coincide with the 20th anniversary of madcap composer Jeff Wayne's ambitious War of the Worlds soundtrack, the 60th anniversary of Orson Welles' infamously panic-inducing radio broadcast, and the centennial of H.G. Wells' first publication of the novel that inspired them all, 1998's Eve of the War EP could only have sprung from the minds of Australian space metal geeks Alchemist. Finding themselves in need of some product to pad the three-year wait between their quite brilliant Spiritech and Organasm albums, the quartet recorded an instrumental treatment of the baroque-prog soundtrack's opening number, which, much to their surprise, wound up receiving even more radio airplay than most of their original albums. These were also represented here by excellent live versions of crowd favorites "Chinese Whispers" and "Yoni Kunda," a remix of the latter, and first album tracks "Brumal: A View from Pluto" and "Worlds Within Worlds."