Markus Eichenberger

Eulengesänge, Vol. 1: Eulen Fleigen Nicht Zum Mond

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AllMusic Review by Steve Loewy

There are few jazz clarinetists with the skill and feeling of Markus Eichenberger. He performs here in free style in duo with pianist Fredi Lüscher. Together, they create fourteen totally improvised vignettes, each with a singular style and creative spark. The focus is on texture, sound, and color, but not to the exclusion of some remarkable technique as well. What is impressive is the way in which long, low tones erupt into something exciting, or how an organically developed piece transforms slowly and logically. Eichenberger has a total command of his horn, but he never shows off, always stressing the wondrous results he and the pianist achieve. Lüscher is a great foil to the clarinetist, the piano keys complementing, but never usurping the sounds of the horn. Never tedious, and filled with joyous abandon, this recording is a classic of the German free scene.