Ethoriah/Seducer [Split EP]

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The fun-filled corniness of any given '50s B-movie horror film is more than present in Ethoriah's song "Broken Mirrors." But on top of the band's dark and spooky characters, there's also an equally strong sense of humor and lack of seriousness. Added to the punky guitar riffs and bellowing vocals (which could easily pass for those of Glenn Danzig), Ethoriah's poppy overtones and obvious Misfits influence remove any gothic tendencies and replace them with a playful attitude. But despite the element of fun on side A, Ethoriah cannot be forgiven for sharing this EP with Seducer, a band whose name is as funny (but likely unintentionally so) as their sound. Their contribution, "Electric Funeral," hits every bad metal cliché in the book, with flaming guitar leads, a slow, head-banging pace, and vocals that even growl at some points. Even if Seducer is included as a joke, the punch line is completely missed.