Lisa Lampanelli

Equal Opportunity Offender: The Best of Lisa Lampanelli

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If Don Rickles and Fran Drescher had a love child, it would be awful, or maybe it would be the strident, brash, provocative, and effervescent Lisa Lampanelli, who is all of those things, plus hilarious, and most certainly not awful. Of course, that hilarious/awful thing depends on which side of the "love her/hate her" fence you fall on, and for the unfamiliar, Equal Opportunity Offender is a great way to find out. This best-of takes the standup comedian's four Warner Bros. albums -- from 2005's Take It Like a Man to 2011's Tough Love -- and pulls out the best bits for maximum impact. Track titles like "Stereotypes" and "The Fag Whisperer" reflect the Rickles or "Queen of Mean" side of Lampanelli perfectly, but for every "He is so gay he jerks off to Antiques Road Show" joke, there's a track like "Homos Are My Favorite People," which provides funny, even "insider" evidence that they are, along with African-Americans, who Lisa would definitely be sleeping with every night if it weren't for her Italian husband, "Jimmy Big Balls" ("Once you go wop, the eating won't stop"). Political correctness is so purposely turned on its head, and so brutishly, that there's no defending Lampanelli to her detractors, but check "The Roast of Worthless Americans" for something above and beyond, and maybe even transcendent, as its targets are unexpected and often overlooked. Better yet, guess which race she's talking about ahead of time, then listen for the line "I've always wanted to bang one of you little bastards" and see if you're right.

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