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EPH Review

by Marc Gilman

Fridge always presents some interesting music on its records; the only problem is that they tend to be a bit inconsistent. From the brilliant early LP Semaphore to much more obscure projects like Indisguise, a joint venture with D, the band is constantly pushing the limits of electro-instrumental music. EPH continues this trend but, in the end, is less fascinating than previous releases. There are certainly highlights, and the album grows more interesting with repeated listens, but it still comes up a bit short. The album's bookends, "Ark" and "Aphelion," are quite good, as are the shorter "Meum" and "Tuum." Unfortunately, the rest of the album is weighed down by all-too-similar songs. Clearly the band spent a great deal of time on the details -- overdubbed second drum tracks and creepy background sounds pervade the album -- but, ultimately, all this hard work pays few dividends. Although EPH is an interesting album in its own right, it just doesn't stand up to the band's other releases.

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