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The Ersatz Audio camp -- particularly Adult -- takes a perverse and bit insane look at modern pop culture for its inspiration. For example, the way the words "adult" and "entertainment" combine to evoke particular ideas serves as a bit of a metaphor for the collective's music. It's not so much the sounds in the songs -- which are a collage of classic analog sounds that have become a staple of the schemas about the early '80s video game and synth-pop movements -- but rather the way Adult integrates android-sounding vocals to their electro, instantly setting them apart from most of their peers. Drexciya sprinkled in the occasional vocals but never made it a key part of their art as Adult did. In a way, one can see Adult as moving the electro genre forward to a more evolved state beyond merely a soundtrack for dancing to a valid style of futuristic pop music; all the elements are there: catchy choruses, lyrically charged verses, instrumental bridges, tangential analog gear solos, and concise song structuring. The four songs here all stay true to this aesthetic and arguably can be considered the collective's most realized record yet.