The Pooh Sticks

Encores E.P.

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Record collectors are the stupidest people alive -- this review is proof. Many years ago, this writer paid good money for the Pooh Sticks' limited-edition bootleg Encores E.P., a one-sided, colored-vinyl 7" recorded live March 3, 1989, and consisting of nothing more than crowd noises and a non-Pooh Sticks song broadcast over the club's PA system, neither of which is mastered at the same speed as the other. The other side is etched with a crude drawing. That's it -- nothing more. Zip. Nada. And yet it's worth cherishing for its very perversity: the box set is a collector's wet dream, as it also includes a hand-stapled Pooh Sticks discography, a sticker, a candy watch, and -- the kicker -- a badge reading "I've Got the Pooh Sticks' Encores Box...Have You?" Only 999 others do.