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Referring to themselves as Scion, Rene Lowe and Peter Kuschnereit produced three versions of a song titled "Emerge" for the first release in the ground-breaking Chain Reaction series. Emerge uses a hard-hitting percussive rhythm with plenty of booming bass for a sense of power and forward movement. The rhythm is highly syncopated and somewhat simple, but it functions well as a driving force. Scion then begins adding, subtracting, and altering a set of riffs that loop continuously throughout the song. These riffs phase and modulate as if they were being transmitted through a filter of some kind. The resulting sound is a bit disorientating and surreal, yet this is no doubt the point. On the B-side are two variations of the song, titled "Emerge 1" and "Emerge 2." Both rework the rhythm of the original and further alter the song's central riff. These mixes are much more reduced and experimental.