Jeffrey D. Thompson

Egg of Time

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Jeffrey Thompson is an explorer in the realm of consciousness-altering sound. Rather than creating art for art's sake, he composes music specifically intended to induce alpha, theta, and delta brain waves in the listener, states shown by modern research to be most conducive to deep relaxation and meditation. The sounds of dolphins, birds, crickets and running water flow in and out of the synthesized music with its sustained space chords and ethereal melodies. Multiple levels of modulated frequencies mix with hissing, buzzing, pulsing and fluttering effects, and, because the stereo field is used extensively, headphones are recommended, preferably in a quiet darkened room. Titles like "Yzik," "Namizy," and "Yziman-Z" should give some indication of the strangely alluring psychedelic landscape he conjures up. The 13-minute final track, "Louise 1990," was created specifically for one of Louise Hay's healing conferences. This is brave new music for voyagers of inner space.