Vina Morales

Easy to Love

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In 1995, Philippine female artist Vina Morales (a teenager at the time), released her debut album, Easy to Love. Morales is also a film star, and often appears in movies and television programs. Her screen image is that of a sweet, demure girl, and one would probably assume that her music is sweet, easy-listening pap as well. However, Easy to Love contains a surprising amount of upbeat, adventurous material on which Morales acquits herself very well indeed. Her voice displays a significant amount of depth and maturity, much more than most young recording artists in the Philippines, where talent is known to be less important than looks and other cosmetic factors. Easy to Love has middle-of-the-road, easy-listening songs, but these have more bite than usual.

The opening track, "I Need Your Love," is an upbeat, dance-inflected number that swings handily. Beginning on a funky bass and keyboard line, it contains interesting jazz-styled piano fills, and Morales handles the song's twists and nuances with verve and confidence. "Coz' I'll Say Yes" and "So Easy to Love You" are also exciting numbers, and both offer strong, pulsing backbeats; again, Morales sounds fully at ease. Although "Tell Me You Love Me," "'Wag Na 'Wag" (trans: Don't Ever), and "Kung Ako'y Iibig Pa" (trans: If I Love Again) are pleasant, middle-of-the-road fare, they're a cut above the standard fair, due to Morales' effective interpretations. The singer also composed the fine, emotive "Why You." Not a bad debut album at all, and one expects much from Morales in the future.