The Old World

Eastern Walk

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Eastern Walk, the Old World's second self-released CD, is a solid follow-up, continuing their performances of all original compositions. It will be of interest to regular fans, though it has a slightly more homogenous effect, as more of the songs resemble each other instrumentally -- consider "Cake" and "The Emperor" as examples of engaging yet similar tunes. Curiously enough, the song "Eastern Walk" does not appear on the album of that same title, but rather is included on their debut album, Of All Great Things. Additionally, it's something of a surprise to hear this group, which is based in New England, singing a song with Geronimo references, as in "Last Run." It's instrumentally lovely, particularly the flute work, yet a bit less than fully convincing in the lyrics. Still, it does continue the hero symbolism also heard in "The Emperor." "Tipping Bottles" is another venture into surreal lyrics, which works with the subject -- having a few drinks in a bar on a rainy afternoon. The sexual innuendoes in "Tornado," though mild compared to many rap songs, still may not be to everyone's taste, combined as they are with characters from Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, two children's stories. "Tidalwave" is one of the more upbeat and catchy numbers, its sound somewhat at odds with its lyrics' plea to not be overwhelmed in a relationship. Overall, casual listeners seeking mellow sounds to kick back and relax with would find this an enjoyable CD; however, those just becoming acquainted with the Old World might find that their Greatest Hits album offers a more comprehensive overview and might prefer it as an introduction to their work.