Earthride [EP]

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Earthride's self-titled debut EP starts off with one of the greatest Motörhead tribute songs of all time. Not only does the band's namesake tune, "Earthride," feature a crunchy, "Ace of Spades"-inspired guitar riff, but vocalist Dave Sherman's agonized croak bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the immortal Lemmy to boot. In other words, a broad smile is guaranteed to grace the lips of any self-respecting metalhead upon hearing this EP (and it's unlikely anyone who isn't a die-hard metalhead ever will), but it doesn't end there. Subsequent cuts "Black," "Enter Zacfreyalz," and "Weak End" generally slow down the pace somewhat, while retaining the opener's high, hard-rocking standards and simultaneously confirming Earthride's status as a grade A doom metal band to be reckoned with. Couple all this with an apropos cover image of Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer's depiction of the four horsemen, and you have a highly collectible product for doom metal fanatics.